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In The Nest is licensed for 12 infants cared for by 3 teachers.  Every provider is assigned a group of 4 infants, however, all providers share in the care of all infants.  This meets the security and trust needs for the child and maintains continuity and consistency of care.  Providers share individual information regarding their infant’s needs, this helps if a provider becomes ill or is on vacation and allows another care provider to take over without difficulty or new adjustment for the infant. Continuity of our care is our goal.


Growth and Development:


Infancy is a time for bonding. It is the most difficult time for both parent and child to be separated. An infant’s rapid growth requires energy and patience from the child-care provider. Although all stages of development are important, special emphasis is required during infancy as it is a time for the development of security and trust—a time when the attachment/bonding process takes place.Our ultimate goal is to allow your child to grow and develop at his/her own pace.  He/she will be exposed to many interesting and fun concepts on a daily basis.  If you observe particular activities you would like to duplicate at home please see us for ideas on how to extend these activities using household items.


Lesson Plan:


Our infant stimulation program includes daily activities, which are designed to meet the growth and developmental needs of the infant, six weeks through twelve to fourteen months.  A copy of the weekly schedule, lesson plan, special events, parent memos, etc. can be found posted on the infant parent information board inside the classroom or just outside the door.  Infants are cuddled, rocked, and loved. The infant stimulation program contributes to the physical, intellectual, and social maturation of each child.


Daily Schedule:



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