"What I loved about the environment was that the center did not feel like an institution.  Everybody there wanted to be there and there was a longevity of staff.  There was always music playing, the air smelled fresh, and the center was filled with light.  The ambiance was enhanced by the attitude of the staff and community.  Everyone laughed a lot.


    I felt the center was a cooperative endeavor to provide the best possible care and support of families.  I think I learned as much from Brenda and her staff as I did from our pediatrician.  Brenda taught me how to make the best diaper rash cream and even mixed the first batch in front of me when I could not figure it out!


    My kids loved Brenda and it was clear that she loved them right back.  She made every childhood milestone a celebration for the kids.  I loved the photo/memory albums, and the art displays outside of each classroom.  Even the infants had great pictures every month.


    I liked the open nature of the center.  I was able to call at any time to check on my guys or stop in at any time. I was allowed to ask any question – no matter what.  Brenda reached out to my pediatrician when she could not contact me.


    Brenda has the ability to provide special needs daycare.  By special needs I mean that she is able to cope with chronic health issues.  Where else could I have sent my two sons with serious asthma but to Brenda?  Where else would they have been given breathing checks and nebulizer treatments a few times a day?  I imagine that Brenda would be just as capable dealing with children with food allergies or conditions like diabetes.


    I have confidence in Brenda because I know she has been in charge of other daycares in the past and has dealt with all the issues before.  I know that much of her business success was by word of mouth.  Many families stayed with and followed Brenda over the years. My husband and I went to almost 10 centers before we chose Brenda’s center.  We chose her because she had been recommended by a local child psychologist who sent his children to her center."


    - Best regards, Corinne R., a satisfied Mom


Big Hearts, Little Hands Associates


    "Who exactly will be working with your children at Big Hearts, Little Hands? We’ll tell you: people that are all about your children! Our teacher and childcare provider recruitment process means that the individuals working at the center have been carefully chosen based upon their education, dependability, trustworthiness, childcare experience and ability to nurture young children."


    "These aren’t just people off the street, these are dedicated childcare providers that have supplied both personal and professional references and have gone through government background checks."


    "Best of all, Big Hearts, Little Hands is not a care provider “mill” – our teachers and care providers are here for the long haul, making sure that your children have consistent interaction with the staff. This stability is proven to enhance each and every child’s sense of development and well-being."




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