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Healthy Kids are Happy Kids


At Big Hearts Little Hands, we realize it’s important to instill positive and healthy lifestyle habits into children at a young age. Our full-fledged health and wellness program is tailored to provide your children with the head start they need to lead happy, healthy lives.


Our program includes:


  • Daily health screenings for every child that begin with a morning check-in and continue with on-going assessment throughout the day. Through these daily screenings,  teachers and childcare providers are able to detect many illnesses at the first sign of symptoms.

  • Continuing parental education on prevention, recognition and treatment of commonplace childhood injuries and illnesses as well as in-depth education on broader pediatric concerns such as immunizations, childhood growth and development.

  • “Head Start to Health” our tailor-made health and wellness program that teaches children the building blocks of personal hygiene and health etiquette that they’ll use for the rest of their lives.



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