• We have had a great experience there with our 4 year old son!! Highly recommended 🙂

  • Dana Albrecht
    Dana Albrecht

    A warm friendly atmosphere with a kind and caring staff. A good learning environment with family friendly values.

  • andrea sphar
    andrea sphar

    i’ve worked here for 3 years now and love it! i have amazing families and great coworkers and bosses! never a dull moment there. i also bring my child and he’s in the preschool room and you can really feel the love that everyone has for him 😍 …

  • Katherine Cress
    Katherine Cress

    We began looking for a new daycare center right before the pandemic hit. We visited Big Hearts Little Hands one month before the shutdown but knew we wanted to move our daughter there (and eventually have our son with whom I was pregnant at the time) once things opened back up. We have been there ever since. We love that they transported our daughter to and from school. It is far more reasonably priced than anything around. For our family, it is conveniently located. We will continue to send our children to Big Hearts Little Hands until our children no longer require daycare.

  • Erin Schaffner
    Erin Schaffner

    BHLH has been a great experience for our family. Close to home and convenient hours. Friendly and accommodating staff. Our son loves to attend this school, fondly admires his teacher, and has had robust development since the start of his attendance. Looking forward to sending our daughter too.

  • Alisha Hayes
    Alisha Hayes

    I joined Big Hearts in the beginning of February this year along with my son. Since being here, I’ve seen my son (now 15 months old) learn so much and show incredible improvements from where he was before. I also love knowing that my son is in good hands with an amazing staff that helps in every way possible and goes over and beyond. All the teachers are great educators and love what they do. The kids see us as teachers but also as a part of their family which is one of the best rewards of doing what we do.

  • Works really well with scheduling for the kids ! The centers teacher and staff are all incredibly loving and treat your kids as if they were their own ! Love it here.

  • Our son has been at Big Hearts since he was 8 weeks old. He will be 4 soon. The teachers/directors have taken great care to get to know him and our whole family. He has grown so much in thanks to his wonderful teachers! I recommend Big Hearts Little Hands to anyone who asks for daycare suggestions regardless of where they live in the area.

  • Tia Williamson
    Tia Williamson

    Family-friendly child care center at an affordable price! Staff and management are engaged and invested in all families and it truly feels like we have become a part of a small community having children here! (both of my children's friend group is comprised MOSTLY of Big Hearts kiddos)

  • Ally Girardi
    Ally Girardi

    I haven't worked here long and I already love it! It's such a fun environment and I can already feel myself staying for a long time. Great place to bring your kiddos, we know they're precious, and we will take the absolute best care of them possible. ❤️🫶 …

  • Maddie W
    Maddie W

    I’ve been working at Big hearts little hands for about four months and it’s been an amazing experience. I love the environment and the positivity that runs through the school.

  • Jake Garber
    Jake Garber

    My name is Weston and I loved big hearts little hands because people are nice their and the other kids like me are fun to play with I made about a quarter of my friends there it's a great place

  • We visit weekly Big Hearts Little Hands Childcare Learning Center to teach Spanish to 5 different age groups. Our program is super fun and engaging to all the children and teachers. In the past 5 years + all I have seen is nothing but caring teachers who participate with their students and even reinforce what we are learning every week!! As a teacher/educator and a business owner all we do is our best each day.

  • Nikki Ganger
    Nikki Ganger

    My girls have attended BHLH for the last 6 years! It’s an amazing place with caring teachers, great opportunities, enriching activities, and wonderful memories!

  • Lauren Kozak
    Lauren Kozak

    Big Hearts Little Hands is the best! We moved down to Columbus from Akron this year. Thankfully, they made the transition for my son so seamless. He is flourishing there!

  • My children have gone to big hearts little hands for almost 3 years now and I am very happy with the services they have provided. My oldest has been going there since he was 3 and is more than prepared for kindergarten thanks to them. All the teachers my children have had have been amazing and I know they are all passionate about being educators. My children have adored all their teachers as a matter of fact it’s hard moving my daughter up every year bc she gets so attached to her teachers (she didn’t want to leave ms shawnas room and then moved up to ms shirleys room and then didn’t want to leave her). It’s a very hard thing being a full time working mom, big hearts little hands help relieve that guilt because I know my children are in an environment that they are loved, they are safe, and they are learning a lot. I know I picked the right child care because my kids look forward to going to school and love seeing all their teachers along with ms. Kaitie and ms. Tia.