Setting the Stage for Success: New Year’s Resolutions in Early Childhood Education

As we welcome 2024, the New Years celebrations bring about an excitement for new beginnings, goals and opportunities. While as parents we pledge to hit the gym or eat healthier, the concept of New Year’s resolutions isn’t exclusive to grown-ups. At Big Hearts Little Hands, we believe the start of the year is the perfect time for children to embark on their own resolutions for success. Here are a few things to keep in mind when helping choose your child’s goals for the New Year.

Focus on Play

The ability and success of introducing new early childhood education learning experiences while keeping the fun alive is the emphasis on learning through play. When parents and educators focus on structured play, research has shown this will significantly impact a child’s emotional and intellectual growth.  Childcare centers and daycare providers can help children acquire essential life skills in an enjoyable and engaging manner.

Big Hearts Little Hands is committed to providing a safe, loving, and play based environment filled with fun, creative, and educational learning experiences. You can see from our Virtual Tour page that our classrooms tend to be smaller and with a low Teacher-To-Child ratio to help all children and their families reach their goals.

Health Habits

We know that creating healthy habits at an early age is crucial for a child’s overall well-being. Our early childhood educators encourage New Year’s resolutions that revolve around health and hygiene. A study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) highlights that instilling good hygiene practices during the early years can lead to a healthier lifestyle in adulthood (AAP, 2020). This might involve teaching kids about the importance of brushing their teeth, washing their hands, and eating a balanced diet.

Strengthening Social Skills

New Years resolutions centered around building relationships, understanding emotions, and effective communication are critical for a child’s future success.  The Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology encourages parents that research advocates that early interventions to improve social skills can lead to better interpersonal relationships later in life (Jones et al., 2018).  Daycare centers encourage children to set goals related to making new friends, resolving conflicts peacefully, or expressing themselves better in a safe, peer environment.

This aspect of child development is so important to us at Big Hearts, Little Hands it is apart of our philosophy to Encourage children to develop an attitude of kindness, cooperation, courtesy and helpfulness towards others while developing self-confidence and independence.  Book a Tour today and let us show you how we do this for every child at every age level.

Encourage a Love of Reading

For the New Year, making reading a priority at home and in childcare and early education can set the stage for academic success.  A child’s lifelong love for reading, can be encouraged simply by reading to the child more, exploring different genres, or visiting the library can spark their curiosity and passion for learning.  Asking your child’s teacher what their class read today! Or with Brightwheel, our parents are able to stay connected with real-time updates and get a peep into the classroom experience.

In your child’s childcare, daycare, and early childhood education, resolutions serve as a powerful tool to nurture young minds and foster development at all ages. By focusing on learning through play, healthy habits, social skills, and a love for reading, educators and caregivers can guide children towards reaching their goals and a brighter future.

Every child deserves the best possible start in life. At Big Hearts Little Hands, we take pride in being more than just a “daycare”, in providing quality early childhood education.  Let’s celebrate the endless possibilities 2024 has to offer and the promising growth of our little learners in childcare this year.